9th September, 2000

If I'd known how much time I would spend trying to think of something to say about another glossily-produced, sensually-composed, tenderly-sung ballad, I would probably have never started this blog. Which is to say hello to Luis Fonsi, with a Rudy Pérez song that sounds exactly as if Diane Warren wrote it, complete with the gearshift key change on the last chorus.

Fonsi is another pretty Puerto Rican kid with a pleasant, husky voice and no distinguishing characteristics (he may grow into them; stay tuned). "Imagíname Sin Tí" (imagine me without you) is a gloopy, narcissistic song that pretends it isn't because it uses love as an excuse to talk about self. I bet it gets a lot of use on Spanish-language singing-contest shows, since it has a broad melodic structure that allows for plenty of showboating. Fonsi is not a showboater.

That's all I have to say, really. Until such time as the song surprises me into unexpected emotion just because I recognize it and it fits into something in my emotional landscape which it doesn't right now, it will have to do.

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