5th May, 1990

It's possible that anything would have been a disappointment after "Simplemente Amigos," but while Ana Gabriel's throaty howl is still in fine form, and the production floats and soars with all the shiny bombast of early-90s rock balladry, as a song "Quién Como Tú" (tr. "who like you") is too lightweight to really live up to the emotion she invests it with.

The song addresses someone (man? woman? the sexual ambiguity that haunted "Simplemente Amigos" is still present, but that might only be because second-person pronouns aren't gendered in Spanish) who is in love with (and also sleeping with) someone else (again, possessive and objective pronouns aren't gendered), and the singer appears to feel a certain way about it all. But it's difficult to say exactly what; the only expression of emotion she makes is "I have nothing to hope for though I'm left in the air." It's unclear who she was hoping for, the lover or the beloved, and though the ambiguity neatly serves to fit just about any situation to which listeners might wish to apply it, as a standalone song it's unsatisfying.

Lyrically, anyway. As I said, the production's gloriously bombastic, with lovely plastic-sounding guitar lines giving way to big drums and strings and hair-metal backgrounds. Ana Gabriel's certainly in no danger of losing the title of queen of Mexican pop here; but the first cracks in her marble edifice are visible.

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